Bringing the past back to life one clock at a time

​Behind The Times Clocks

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Here at Behind The Times Clocks we repair your clock correctly. 
A lot of other clock repair shops dunk your movement in cleaning solution, dry it off, oil it, and return it to the case. If it needs bushings they may let it go, or they may take a punch and try to spread the metal back. Using a punch on a bushing will not last long. We totally disassemble it down to the last piece, ultrasonically clean all parts, test all bushings, and replace any bad bushings with high quality bronze bushings. Bronze will last much longer than brass. We polish the pivots and get any fine grooves out that destroy bushings. We then test it for a full week on our test stands. This will give you a trouble free repair and your clock will run for many more years to come. The shop that dunks your movement may not charge as much, but they only spend about 30 minutes on your movement. We at Behind The Times Clocks spend four to eight hours on your movement, depending on the type of movement.
​We also offer expert case restoration. This part of the business is sent out to an antique furniture restorer that has been doing refinishing for over thirty years.
We can replace broken glass and in most cases duplicate the graphics.
We can also do dial replacement. In most cases it is a direct replacement of the original.